Start in Mid-2013, Inaudible Discussion is the minimalist, not-very-personal/typo-ridden/quasi-professional blog of Greg Gant, a Front End Web Developer User Interface Developer (according my business card) for Emerge Interactive, minority stake holder in Bandon Rain Cider Company, hobbyist digital musician, and once owner of and once contractor for two Comedy Central TV shows and Amazon Prime TV Show living in Portland, Oregon.

Topics range from iOS how-tos, Apple/Mac OS X, Audio, hardware hacking, digital politics, design tidbits and sometimes even web development (which is supposedly what this blog is for). Most posts are either how-tos or reviews of obscure software/audio hardware with the ultimate goal of helping other people out by recreating the internet as it used to bem. While the content gets super-geeky, my main goal is to keep this blog accessible for less-technical users.

I started my blog in early 2013 using Tumblr (entirely misunderstanding the platform and using it for actual blogging). I moved on after becoming frustrated with the interface after a few changes. Since then, I've migrated to Jekyll, which is also imperfect.

In the interest of full disclosure, I've never been paid a cent to write a word on this blog. All reviews are my own opinions. I'm also on the record as being anti-nuking hurricanes.

I'm not above offers of free stuff or crazy good job offers. ;)

Since I'm not on most social media, I can be reached via my contact page.

My recommended Apple/Mac Related RSS feeds

Unlike the rest of the world with social media, I live by RSS still. It's far higher signal-to-noise.

  • Daringfireball - Gruber's blog, usually on point with an annoying side dish of Apple Evangelism.
  • PixelEnvy - Nick Heer, front-end developer but mostly about Apple / Tech news. Thoughtful.
  • Der Flounder - Rich Trouton, Usually OS X geekery, but in a good way.
  • HouseOfMoth - Jay V's exploits in older Mac hardware: high quality, original content only.
  • SixColors - Blog of mac pundit, and former head editor of MacWorld, Jason Snell. Titan of Apple Journalism.

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