Your privacy matters to me.

I do not need nor do I want to know anything personal about you. This web does not collect any personally identifiable information. I do not share any data about my blog with anyone other than blog posts about my own blog (where I'm more than happy to the anonymous data). The only analytics software this website uses is Google Analytics.

I am a fan of the GDPR, and I strongly dislike javascript bloat and tracking. Thus I tried to select the least evil option. This presents me (and only me) a way to gauge performance, what's resonating with readers, where my traffic is coming from, and how I'm doing compared against myself in previous months/years

This blog is 100% advertisement free and sponsor-free. I try to avoid unnecessary iframes to prevent unnecessary data leakage, although on the rare occasion I may embed a video from the likes of Vimeo, YouTube or a news organization (PBS/CBC, etc.) and CodePen. I do not care if you use popular privacy plugins and encourage you to do so, if you're so inclined to trust this site in Ghostery, it's a kind gesture but also not required. In my view, privacy is a right. Thanks for reading!