The M1 Pro and Max is here and I have many things to say about it. I tried to condense it down into a succinct review but realized it wouldn't be that interesting. Instead, I decided to bring my Mac Pro 2019 into it.

This is by far the most work I've dumped ever into a video project, featuring my trademarked stilted on screen presence and overly long winded narration over cheap motion graphics.

Huge thanks for ALBATROSS for letting me use his music for speaker the test. He's a bilingual hip hop artist who raps in English and Russian≥

ALBATROSS - Serdtze♥️ - LIVE Acoustic

ALBATROSS - Serdtze (Birchpunk music video) - One of the craziest music videos I've seen in the best way possible, complete with a plot, huge VFX in set in a dystopian Russian cyberpunk future with art collective, Birchpunk.

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