So... I discovered a strange problem, any website using a .dev suffix would give me an unknown host error. First I figured it was my DNS, swapping servers and clearing the DNS cache, trying my VPN etc which didn't work. Pinging any .dev URL would return pings absurdly low responses suggesting somewhere something was routing all requests to local/

Checking my etc/hosts was a bust as well as Apache's vhosts. After about a half hour of reading I found the following thread, Pinging after Laravel Valet install returns "Unknown Host" .

Posters mentioned dnsmasq utility. To fix the problem, users used brew (OS X package manager) reinstall/restart it. Being semi-familiar with brew, I used Brew's list command. I found that I indeed had it installed. I tried the perscribed method which didn't work but I felt like I was on the right path.

Not giving up, I dug up the dnsmasq.conf file located in usr/local/etc and noticed a single entry, address=/.dev/ I deleted it and after a reboot, every thing was back to normal.