After the Zoom v4.6.10, Zoom broke support for external webcams, and apps like Snap camera (snap chat filters for your desktop computer). This is due to the recent versions more closely following security provisions pushed by Apple that libraries now must be validated and thus breaks the ability to use external camera sources.

I personally use EpocCam Pro and my iPhone as a camera as its a much higher quality camera (I'll explain this below).

The following is based on a reddit discussion.

  1. Update Zoom to the latest version
  2. Install Xcode via Terminal xcode-select --install
  3. Once installed make sure Zoom is closed and run this in Terminal
    codesign --remove-signature /Applications/

Using a phone as a webcam with Zoom

There's no reason to buy a dedicated webcam if you don't mind using your phone or have an old smartphone lying around. Your smartphone's camera is undoubtedly better than any dedicated webcam on the market, so you might as well use it.

After enabling Zoom for external cameras, install Epoc Cam on your iPhone or Android phone, there's a free version (iOS, Android) and paid version (iOS and Android) that removes watermarking, and enables higher resolutions.

  1. Enable external cameras for Zoom using the above hack
  2. Install EpocCam or EpocCam Pro on your phone
  3. Install the drivers found EpocCam's website, (scroll to step 2)
  4. Launch Zoom
  5. Launch EpocCam (make sure your phone is connected via wifi to the same network your computer is on)
  6. Select EpocCam from Zoom, and it should connect.