At the event, Apple also plans to debut new software features for its devices, including a dark mode for easier nighttime viewing and new productivity tools for the iPad. The company has also internally weighed previewing a new version of the high-end Mac Pro, according to people familiar with the deliberations.
- Apple Plans on Combining iPhone, iPad, Mac Apps by 2021, Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Buried in the bombshell is something of particular interest to me and this blog. I find this worrisome, Apple really doesn't seem to get it. The Mac Pro should be a boring box with the latest whatever internals with a few drive bays and PCIe slot with big numbers that people like myself only care about. What it shouldn't be is worthy of a press event or representing a paradigm shift or some other Jonny Ives goofball design. Want a beautiful shiny "wow-your-clients" pro computer? That's the iMac Pro, not the Mac Pro. What people want is user upgradable storage, ram, and PCIe: for NVMe storage, for GPUs, for esoteric I/O upgrades. How do I know this? There's certainly a demand as I've had well over 40,000 different users access my Mac Pro Upgrade Guide, and my blog isn't even a blip in the digital ocean.