Here's a fun one for any web developers out there, you can play with a JS reconstruction fo the WorldWideWeb Browser (the first web browser) for the NeXT OS. Go to

Its fun in it's own right, but the CERN browser is a good measuring stick of how accessible a website truly is without CSS or Javascript or even a full HTML 1.0 spec. Without any support of POST methods, WorldWideWeb can't even interact with forms but information is often visible.

Take, for example, my blog. It's easy to consume, meaning anything can traverse it and index it with minimal effort. Anyone with an out-of-date browser arguably can access it. Incredibly many news sites are usable albeit awkward, like and NYTimes fair well. ABCNews does not, nor will anything requiring a form like

Information architects should take note; there's something to be said about resilient markup languages are.