So you're probably here since there's not much info on the web on how to remove inline transforms from an SVG without wrecking it or perhaps you're unsure how to install Inkscape extensions on MacOS. Either way, hopefully this short tutorial should help. SVGs are a complex mish-mash of XML that can include CSS transform which can be undesirable for various reasons. Occasionally, converting formats like EPS to SVG in Illustrator will litter an SVG with transforms. Below is how to remove them.

Step 1: Download and install Inkscape

Go to Inkscape and download the release, macOS users will need to nab the OS X x11 release. If you haven't used an X11 app you may need to install xQuartz. XQuartz (x11) is a GUI library for cross-platform applications to run in macOS.

Step 2: Download and install the Apply Transforms plugin for Inkscape

Nab inkscape-applytransforms. You can download the .zip directly. Unzip the file once downloaded.

Next, go to Inkscape applications, and right click and "Show Package contents".

The plugin for is in Contents/Resources/share/inkscape/extensions, drag both the .inx and .py files into this directory.

Step 3: Use Inkscape to apply the transforms

Launch Inkscape and open your SVG (Note X11 app UIs will look a little shoddy and the menus will be attached to the app window). Select all points. (Note: Inkscape will use windows/linux control key instead of command key).

Inkscape: Apply Transforms

This wasn't perfect for me, but was able to process and make my SVG 95% correct, just requiring me to move a few elements.