Due to API changes, most articles and utilities are out of date for getting a user ID and auth key, useful for utilities like instafeed.js.

Step 1: sign into Instagram Developer

Got to instagram.com/developer

Step 2: Create Register an application

Click your "Register an application and then Register new Client ID

  • Application Name:: This can be named anything (sans insta’, ‘gram’, ‘IG’ or ‘Instagram’
  • Description: Description for personal use
  • Company Name: This can be your website or name
  • Website URL: URL of the website you intend to place your feed on
  • Valid redirect URIs: Used for application after sign in
  • Privacy Policy URL: URL to your privacy policy
  • Contact email: developer's email

Step 3: Get your user ID

Load instagram feed in question with your developer tools open and run the following command in the console:


(if it doesn't work, hit reload and try again).

Step 4: Get your AuthO Key

There's a few ways but the easiest hands down is going to PixelUnion's utility and using it.