We hit a milestone. The Mac Pro 2013 was released December 19, 2013, marking 3 years without a single update.

The Mac Pro 2013 probably marks the most misguided product they've released. Even 4 years later, I can name several TV shows and even movies where editors re-use or rent 2012 Mac Pros in LA.

A successful Mac Pro would a simple rehash of the 2012 Mac program with an update:

  • Bring back the old chassis or similar
  • Modern CPU/Bus/GPU/RAM configurations
  • User upgradable RAM
  • 4 PCIe Slots
  • USB 3 + 3.1c Ports
  • ThunderBolt 3
  • (at least) 2 legacy SATA drive bays internally

Pro users aren't looking for unique or avant-garde, but rather boring boxes that let you configure your desire with just boring yearly hardware refreshes with boring updates that the average consumer doesn't care about. Apple can phone it in, and the creative market wouldn't leave. However if they ignore it they will. There's sect of video editors/illustrators/video compositors/3D animators/audio professionals/scientific modelers/developers/power users that just want an upgradable box that runs OS X. These users do not need press events or big marketing campaigns, just an order page where they can throw their money.