The conversation goes something like this: "Can you check out the rendering issue on Android?"

Usually, it's followed up with, "What version of Android is this happening in?"

"Franken Berry"

Then its off to google...

It's telling that Apple never applied its naming scheme to iOS yet Google felt it necessary to do as such on Android. Inevitably every time I complain that about this, someone feels compelled to point out "But Greg, it's in alphabetical order!". Google had to go on and fuck up a potentially good idea. There's no sense of versioning. A ≠ v1.0 or v0.1 and N certainly does not equal v14 or v1.4 So much for cleverness. Apple with OS X named only its yearly releases, any point releases of that OS didn't get its own namesake like "Tiger Cub" or "Lion Pride." Android, any candy snack could be a massive upgrade or a minor point release. As a decidedly non-Android user, I'm not about to commit 14 sugary snacks to memory, and I question what happens after 12 more releases of Android?

It's a small burden, but I can't help but be annoyed.