Back in the day, there was a company called TechTracker that tracked OS X update apps, and other platforms. It eventually was purchased by CNET and folded into the abysmal mess, Fortunately, we always had MacUpdate, and while it evolved over time to a place that sells software bundles and its own service, MacUpdate was generally a safe place to go software searching.

One of my most read articles (accessed around 20,000 times) is a tutorial that walks through how to add text-tones to the iPhone using ifile. In this, I recommended using a package of Mac OS Classic sounds and linked to none other than Mac Update.

Here's what happens today when you try to link download it today:

Download Screen

So far so good...


The download URL is to a zip file, but DMG?

its an installer

So much for a good thing, instead of the expected content, in this case, a zip containing classic OS 9 sound files, I got a mislabeled, which struck me as nefarious. It's misleading and wrong. Not to be detoured so easily, I tried grabbing the URL to the file directly Still, I was given the same damned DMG. It appears that the ID number in the URL now just redirects to an ID number to the mislabeled dmg as grabs the same file. I suspect for all hosted files now just use a reference ID to the old expected file and returns a DMG with a like name to the same installer DMG. I'm sure the update manager is nice and wonderful but I do not want it. Instea, your website is directly trying to deceive me into installing it. So MacUpdate, I'm calling you out.