Despite my blog supposably being tangentially related to the fact I do develop stuff sometimes, recently most of my blog posts have been about not-front-end-development, likely an outgrowth of the fact I spend 40 some hours any given week talking or thinking about front end development.

To keep me on course, I'm going to try to do a quarterly update on what's been bouncing around in my head, what I've been up to, what excites me and what disappointments me.

  • Preload seems like the next no-brainer step in optimization for campaign and CMS driven sites.

  • CSS's Object-Fit isn't much better than using Background-cover. You need JS to calculate the actual image size> as the DOM reports the image as the space occupied by the area that the image could occupy as opposed to what it occupies.

  • I'm learning React... slowly.

  • I finally built a simple useful coding tool, in early August.

  • Principle App & Flinto are the best ways to date to mock up UX interactions since they rely on Sketch. Previously attempts to introduce Pixate was a bust.

  • I still love Grunt, but I'm thinking its time to switch to Gulp.

  • Apple's re-commitment to Safari with Safari Technology Preview makes my heart swoon.

  • The IoT revolution has yet to impact my job, either it still hasn't hit, or we've learned that Twitter on refrigerators is silly.

  • You can rename IE to Edge, but it still is a laggard.

  • Flex and floats were meant to live in harmony, not in isolation.

  • The PS4 4.0 release supposably updated the browser, I should do more browser tests.