Sitefinity is a mess

Trying to track down what's causing JQuery Validate to glitch out and cause a "Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'addMethod' of undefined" error in SiteFinity on a client's website. When signed into the CMS there's one hundred and five instances of javascript tags. Coincidentally, I also redesigned the Sitefinity logo.

Sitefinity Updated Logo for 2016

Now for an official press release:

For Immediate Release: 05/09/16
Telerik Sitefinity

Sitefinity Logo updated for 2016 under direction of disgruntled front end developer with no connection to Telerik

Portland, Oregon: Today unbeknownst to Telerik corp or anyone affiliated with Telerik or Sitfinity, Greg, an front end web developer with a surely disposition and contempt for french roast coffee released an updated logo for Sitefinity.

The logo shows a daring new approach in design, with virtually no treatment on the logo but instead an abstraction of the word "javascript" repeated 105 times in various states of legibility, using Operator Mono in book weight from esteemed and respected font foundry, Hoefler&Co. The design is a literal abstraction of the way Telerik has almost no regard for the way javascript is treated, and appears to randomly "shit out" javascript tags according to Greg. The alternate design was arrived after initial sketches that included a large singular pixelated middle finger, and a dead musk rat.

"This is the stuff that haunts my dreams. Who deemed this an acceptable or maintainable design pattern? Is there ever going to be a CMS that isn't some shade of terrible?" Greg ranted on his company's slack channel which elicited zero responses.

The new logo should be used in any instance of the old logo and is free for use for all.

About: This press release is 100% serious and real.