I recently upgraded iCloud to the 50 GB / $0.99 a month plan, almost exclusively to test out the Photo stream feature. I take a lot of photos. Currently, my photo library spans six year, and is heavy even for a 128 GB iPhone 6. For years, I’ve photos a few times a month to Lightroom, usually in tandem with my camera, but I rarely remove photos from my phone.

However, with 10k photos the sync was slow. After the three days, only about half the photos were uploaded, despite being connected to wifi roughly 18 hours a day, and on a charger for roughly 16 hours a day during the span.


I started toying with methods to speed up uploads, here’s the process I figured out:

1) Connect to to Wifi

2) Go to settings -> General and set Auto-Lock to Never.

3) Go to Settings -> iCloud -> Photos and let the iPhone on this screen 

4) Wait,

In roughly 3 hours, my phone uploaded 4,000 photos; a massively increase over  the previous three days landing somewhere between 5000-6000 photos. You’ll want to leave your phone plugged in as this will drain the battery.