Wired posted a pretty interesting (and negligent) video and article where a hacked Jeep was handed over to a reporter to drive. During the drive the hackers asserted control over the vehicle, blasting music, triggering the wipers/cleaner and even cutting the accelerator all while on driving on an Interstate highway. 

I’ve been a bit of a skeptic of the IoT (Internet of Things) for sometime but when insulin pumps and medical devices pose security threats from remote hacking, we’re already in the era of the IoT without really understanding it. It only takes a trip to Shodan to see the how easily networks are mapped.  Simple every day objects are hacked like elevators, but in the era of IPV6 IoT, everything gets its own IP: Smart refrigerators, Smart TVs are already here and already being exposed for security threats and that’s not even counting external threats.

The IoT looks to redefine ownership. Want proof?  Look no further than John Deere vs the farmers that buy their products.

I’m not a neo-luddite or even anti-technology,  as we constantly improve quality of life but I’m starting to doubt all the benefits in a world where everything has firmware and  you’re always being watched.