Here’s a horror story for QA:


On May 18th, 2015 Audible unveiled a new version touting CarPlay, better lock screen support, book discovery, however, it didn’t go as planned and an App that average a 4.5-star averages overnight dropped to a single star and half. 

In a scramble to fix, Audible released 2.5.1update requiring users to log into the app, sign out, delete it and reinstall it, sign back into their account, and redownload their books. 

Still ,even after the 2.5.1 update, t seems a large number of users are still experiencing problems (I imagine a fair amount are unaccustomed to the contrivances of following the aforementioned steps).

Audible provided a handy guide, but it doesn’t cover all the steps. I had to walk my own mother through the steps so here’s the problems she encountered.

"I tap Audible and all I see is a black screen" :(

If you’re receiving a black screen, first try quitting Audible. Go to your home screen, double tap the home button to bring up your recent apps and swipe up on the Audible pane. 

How do I sign out?

Relaunch Audible, ignore any errors about updating. Click ok or cancel. From the home screen tap More.


Tap Settings


Tap the sign out button in the upper right hand corner


I’m a fan of Audible, and can’t recommend it enough as I have roughly 225 titles in my library as of writing this. However, I was pleasantly annoyed when I updated today to find this problem plagued 2.5.1.