My buddy and I were debating the Apple Watch after the miserably titled Wired article: “iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch”. Assuming that the Apple Watch has the ability to become a standalone untethered unit it seems abundantly apparent:

The Apple Watch is to the iPhone as the iPad is to the MacBook. 

Assuming the Apple Watch gains the ability in a few years to have its own cell service, I have a feeling there’ll be a subset of users who eschew the smartphone altogether. 

Yes, there’s a lot of comprises: only voice to text, potentially no camera or a severely lower quality one, no access to the internet at large outside of apps, and so on but there are a subset of users who go tablet all the time, and never use a desktop. I don’t know how those people operate but they do it. The iPad is inferior from many standpoints to a desktop but its form factor and experience still manage to meet the needs of many people. 

Just as I am not a fan of tablets, I doubt I’ll be sold on the smartwatch but my opinion isn’t the only one that matters…