The small company I work for, posted an April 1st joke with several orders of magnitude more convincing than than companies with hundreds to tens of thousands more employees. April 1st seems to bring out worst in corporate jokes: Chrome reaction Selfies, Unleashed “Dog On A Stick” selfies, Honda’s Safety Selfie Cam, ThinkGeek’s Do It YourSelfie 360  Motorola Selfie Stick… 


Achieving worst April 1st joke takes more effort than the best, since most are orders of terrible.  With all the competition, this years goes to NTNews for APRIL FOOLS JOKE: Four-wheel-drives will be banned from all Territory roads from next year


Yes, the title is in all caps proceeding the article shows so much absolute disdain for the buttfuckery that constitutes April 1st, that one wonders why bother? Unlike other no-votes-of-confidence, this gets special merit for its absolutely zero-commitment. No matter what was written, the punchline was spoiled before the user makes beyond the first three words. APRIL 1ST HA HA! GET IT? 


The best easily goes to A random tweet, by someone named Joe Heenan.