Rarely do I have the inside scoop on anything, but I’ve been watching the progression of one of my long time friends going back to University of Oregon, launch her own technology company, and its exciting.


Dana Garves, former head chemist of Ninkasi, has started her own tech startup, but of a different variety. You won’t find it on ValleyWag, TechCrunch or HackerNews.

It isn’t an app, it isn’t another internet device, but instead its a service for home brewers and small breweries, outsourcing the common chemistry tests at modest prices. Home brewers can concentrate on brewing, while BrewLab handles part of the science. Simply mail samples and you’ll get your results one business day later.

Dana already has been making a splash weeks into her business, appearing on NPR and appearing at KLCC Brewfest, Eugene’s largest brewfest (by extension making KLCC Brewfest one of the largest in the Oregon), BrewPublic, and even BeerAdvocate’s Print Magazine.

There’s a few cool things going for her: tech startup, cool industry, female in a male dominated industry and  in Oregon.  She’s already lining up another potential employee #2, another woman. Why? because she’s the best qualified person. 

Check ‘em out, and follow BrewLab’s blog for the inside on the beer industry, and drop them a line.

Updated: 7/29/15 with links to BrewPublic and BeerAdvocate