Unsurprisingly, the Apple Watch is perfect for the person who uses their iPad to peck out an e-mail when sitting three feet from his/her laptop. There’ll be a lot to be said about the watch, and inevitably Apple’s entry into the watch territory means that the smart watch has arrived amidst  host of caveats (phone dependency, limited battery life, limited functionality), making them more accurately “wrist terminals” than smart.

Wearables aren’t new (Nike+ shoes, Go Pros, Heart Rate/blood sugar monitors and GPS watches), just the modern implementation of the smart watch is. If the smart phone is now the hub if your portable network, the wearable movement has really paled to really adventure is thinking outside the screen (watches and Google Glass). There’s a world of smart things from pet collars, to car keys ready to be interfaced with. Inevitably, smart watches in future generations will become smaller, sport better battery life and perhaps more useful. That said…

Let’s hope we start looking further instead of smaller.