The short answer: Use the internal E-mail Client

This is one of those posts that seems laugh worthy but I spent the better part of the last 40 minutes trying to get screenshots off the lone Windows 8 phone in our office. Its currently running the factory install, we use for testing hence no MS account or SIM card, and it mostly sits in a corner in the office unloved.

None of the default apps on the Nokia phone have any sort of web share, so you’re SOL and require Nokia registration (which appears to require a SIM card) for the Nokia apps. 

I should have shot for the lowest tier solution first

Love your iOS or Android device, this is what looks like on Windows 8 mobile

The problems

  • Apparently when connected to Wifi only and never have had a SIM card, you cannot sign into Windows Store. 
  • You cannot use File upload on any webpage. I first tried to sent the screenshots to my iPhone using Good Reader and then a free image sharing service, neither worked
  • GMail on windows 8 mobile looks akin cellphone internet on 2007 on a Blackberry. It didn’t even work, no chance for e-mailing.
  • The time servers on Windows 8 mobile appear to be messed up and it requires a trip the settings to fix.