Photo Credit; Wallstreet Journal’s poorly titled “India’s Answer to Google Glass: The Smartshoe”

I’m a bit tired of the wearable revolution. So far the wearable market has been solving the problems I don’t have and the most interesting “wearables” predate the wearable term.

  • Garmin Foretrex GPS 101 GPS watch: 2001
  • >
  • Go Pro Video Camerea: 2005
  • iPod shuffle: 2005
  • Nike+: 2006
  • GPS Dog Collar (for hunting): 2008?

What’s interesting is all of these products have been designed for a task, and not a nebulous omnipresent platform, not an always worn such as the much lauded Nike+ Fuelband or Google Glass or even Google Wear watches. While I wouldn’t argue to dissaude to dream big, we’ve had wearable tech for decades in various facets. The only difference today is the mode of thinking as an always on platform. Just as there’s no correct pair of shoes for all situations, its silly to think there’s a wearable correct for all sitations.