Google played a fun trick this morning. Upon booting chromium(my linux browser of choice), I found I that I had to login. Which is strange, I am normally just logged in. No big deal. I entered my information and hit enter.

Then I was presented with new terms for picasa.

“Ah”, I said.

“New terms to really pillage my data for all the ad’s I’m worth”

This did not surprise, as it’s the path Google has been on for quite some time. I accepted the new ridiculous terms and figured someone on HN would be telling me how to disable it by lunch time.

Upon entering gmail I found a surprise. I have new G+ notifications. Why might that be surprising? Because before today my G+ account had been disabled.

Surprise! We helped you get back on G+ even though you didn’t want to be there.

Thanks Google! What a fun way to say, “I hope we can squeeze every dime possible out of your tiny little life. “

Google+ is still weirdly broken, if you’re a Google apps user for work, you need a google+ porfile, nevermind you’ve already been coherenced into it for YouTube or Google Hangouts.

Google+ couldn’t survive or succeed on its own, so taking a cue from early 2000s shovelweare, Google+ comes with every Google product whether you like it or not.