Bloomberg Business’s magazine inspires more of AppleInsider’s brain-farting

Apple Insider recently published a multi-page article after Bloomberg Business opted to use the infamous Apple beachball over the Windows hourglass. Its a sign of the times, right?

The fact is Apple has had a very long history of product placement, often for free.

Hollywood’s love affair with Apple is only an extension of the creative class’s large affinity for the Macintosh platform. In the early 90s, often product photography of monitors featured desktop images of Mac OS over Windows, a subtle jab from graphic designers, photoshopping their platform of choice onto ads. The significance of Bloomberg’s usage of the icongraphy with a beach ball isn’t indicative of a larger cultural shift to Apple, but the nature of computing itself. Once upon a time, blue screens of death and error type -11 haunted computer users. Today, freezes mostly come from single applications, from the oodles of advances in OSes, such as protected memory, process management the later.