After being irked by the lack of proper instructions (the manual isn’t the most helpful and contains a few errors for Cubase), I decided to write this guide.

This tutorial should be largely the same for Cubase 4-7on OS X or Windows although you may notice minor disparities.

Step 1

Download the drivers here (click on Support and downloads) and install them.

Step 2

Boot the NanoKontrol in Surface mode.

Hold down the Set button under the marker section and the fast forward and rewind buttons, and connect the USB cable.

Step 3

Under the Devices Menu, select Device Setup

Then click the + symbol and Add a Mackie Control

Step 4

Select the Mackie Control in the Device Setup window and set the Inputs and Outputs to the Padkontrol

And do the same for Transport controls

If done properly the transport buttons should reflect your current play status (mostly likely the stop button as pictured)