Another night of curfew in Portland...

There's something to be said when your home country's policing is so egregious that it's spawned a global movement around #BlackLivesMatter. The photos are profound. You can argue about the right way/wrong way to protest, but we're seeing a global response as even people far away are sick and tired of seeing the unjust treatment of minorities in America.

I'm exceptionally moved and also saddened that this is happening. I'm happy that the rest of the world is both siding with the correct side. I'm sad that it's even necessary. I'd like to extend a thank you for every far away protester as for showing compassion for our struggles.

Meanwhile, DJT's response is unforgivable. He is a man of zero-compassion, a despot dictator in waiting, a cheap con-man, and unworthy of his position. I still can't understand the strange "masculinity cult" around an pudgey, out-of-shape man who wears makeup and easily gets hurt feelings over "bad ratings", lashses out and sulks publically. Being a man would be owning responsiblity. Trump only knowns how to shift blame onto others.

I've seen the hot take that the Republican party has become a death cult, but holy hell, A G.O.P. Lawmaker Had the Virus. Nobody Told Democrats Exposed to Him. Meanwhile, Trump is retrweeting"the only good Democrat is a dead Democrat". Also, let's not forget they're setting the tone to sow distrust in elections in coup like fashion.

Yesterday, A homeless man outside of the Hawthorne Fred Meyer held his sign read "need help". That's it, succinctly summarizing how most people feel. I gave him $5.