Yep, it's a Corona post. You literally cannot escape it, as it's the unending vortex. With pretty much all entertainment slowly being whittled away: pro sports, college sports, restaurants, concerts, movie premieres, theaters, plays, theme parks (even Vegas), gyms there's little else to focus on other than news, and how little there is with the all of those as mentioned above being closed. The global recession is on its way.

What's clear is the worst has yet to come and will define a generation in the way 9/11 defined a previous one as it has the creeping paranoia of post 9/11 with the despair of the 2008 stock market crash. Even if the virus disappeared tomorrow, there'd still be life before the panic and life post-panic. It's a broad spectrum and reach makes it different than other tragedies as it's happening at a granular level, per person, creating macro-event that is felt by everyone.

There are some silver linings as there likely to be some societal changes as vaccines will become en vogue. Hopefully, a nation will find more common ground with its neighbors as everyone will be experiencing the effects of society on pause, regardless of socio-economics. Just maybe, also those who don't value science will start to do more as we're all counting on sciencing our way back to normalcy.

That said, things are going to get rougher as incomes shrink, entire sectors are going to be hurt with cascading waves. There'll be some people who prosper and profit, but most will not. We've already seen some of the American psyches at work, filled with paranoia and creeping anxiety, causing the typical spike in guns and ammo sales, coupled with a newfound obsession with toilet paper. To borrow Bill Maher, "people are scared shitless."

I don't have any real salient advice as I'm neither a healthcare professional nor a high ranking bureaucrat. I've seen some positive pieces, asking people to buy gift cards. I've also seen the first gofundme for a small Jazz club in Portland. It isn't enough, but at least people are looking for solutions. For the interim, I'd suggest reacquainting with the great outdoors as in North America, most of us live near beautiful splendor, as we have many biomes and geography to explore. It's a chance to unplug and go hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, or whatever your flavor is.

Lastly, the best resource I can name is Ars Technica's Don’t Panic: The comprehensive Ars Technica guide to the coronavirus, demostrating why they're the best in the biz (the author has a PhD in microbiology).