I finally took time to fire up Final Cut Pro X. The experience was surreal; it's eerily a foreshadowing of the Apple to come: a paternalistic and patronizing tone to its professional users that seems to shout "We know best" rather than "You know best, and we want to provide you with the best." It's the Apple that removes headphone jacks and dreams TouchBars are a feature for professions. The writing was on the wall: The Xserve. The Mac Pro. Final Cut Pro. Soldered on RAM in the MacBook Retina, all in the span of a year. Let it be known, 2012 was the last year Apple cared about creative professionals.

2016 didn't kill the Apple that we once loved; it happened five years ago when Final Cut Pro 7 was replaced by Final Cut Pro X. If it weren't for OS X, I don't think any of us will still be buying Macs..