Today I was faced with a taxing problem; I’ve been left without any way to use the database credentials for my local copy of a drupal website I’m working on. The only person who knew the server info is out of town, so I was left to get creative.

After several battles trying everything from rewrite rules to middleware; I arrived at the stupidest and best solution. Without needing to modify a single line in my grunt task, I included a link in my footer to my local version of my CSS file, a simple <link href=“”> 

BrowserSync refreshes the local CSS file for CSS injection, meanwhile staging server still works. So much for the “correct” solution.

Anyone googling some variety browsersync remote server injection or something to that effect may save some time by just using the stop-gap measure until a better workflow can be established. It’s not a proud moment, but at least I’ll be able to work more smoothly for the remainder of the week.