Even though I was playing lots of games, I still didn’t call myself a “gamer” because I had associated that term with the games I wasn’t playing — instead of all the ones I was playing. This was largely because I’d bought into the myth that to be a “real gamer,” you had to be playing testosterone-infused blockbuster franchises like Grand Theft Auto, God of War or Call of Duty.

Anita Sarkeesian, It’s Game Over for ‘Gamers’

I couldn’t agree more with her, I ran a very popular cheat code websites for years, PS2cheats.com (No longer under my control) for 7 years. The website made me enough income that I never had to hold down another job during my long duration of college… and yet, I distanced myself from gaming and the term “gamer” during that time, back in the early 2000s. Gamer culture embarrassed me to the degree that I wouldn’t even mention my popular website in person in causal conversation despite having serious “gamer” credentials. I did not want to be associated with videogames, and nearly stopped playing them. Even today, I don’t talk about videogames with many people outside of a select few people . I avoid gaming as a topic for this blog despite owing my current job as a front end web developer directly to gaming . PS2cheats is where wrote my JS script, my first CSS line, and switched to writing HTML by hand.


Wayback machine of Version 4 of PS2cheats.com, 

When my Xbox 360 experienced the Red Ring of Death, I didn’t bother to replace it. I spent 3 years without a game console besides my iPhone and my Mac. The games I played were iOS games like Zen Bound, Plants vs Zombies, Triazzle, Spider and games ported to the Mac such as Portal 1 & 2, Borderlands (with friends) and indie games like World of Goo, Crayon Physics, and Thomas Was Alone.

For my birthday my brother bought me a PS3, and I rediscovered gaming That Game Company’s Flower and Journey games and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us reminded me that there still could be a mass market for games willing to break the boundaries and narrow confines that appeal to a certain demographic. I still enjoy games but I couldn’t give a royal damn about being a gamer. I even celebrate the death “gamer” as it means that gaming is no longer an activity owned by testosterone-driven white male gamer. I live in an age where mom plays more videogames on her iPad than I do.

The worst part is, I suspect a good portion of the #gamergate community are 80s children such as myself. I grew up, and its time my games did too. Hats off to Anita Sarkeesian, keep fighting the good fight.

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