Here’s a tip that I appreciated…


System Preferences > Keyboard > Keyboard Shortcuts > Application Shortcuts





Do that now.

— Enjoy


Above: Keyboard Preferences after configuration

This tip is for my power users. If memory serves me right, OS X used to have a key command to the Library folder. The average user probably won’t have much use but anyone installing fonts, looking over installer logs or installing audio plugins regularly will want this. 

As I previously mentioned, the user library in OS X 10.7-10.8 is hidden by default.

By default Lion and Mountain Lion hide the user Library folder, in all previous versions of OS X, this was accessible by the user.  Punch in the following terminal command to unhide it. Its also not a bad idea to leave it unhidden as you may need access to it in the future when cleaning out OS X.

chflags nohidden ~/Library/